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Ducted Refrigerated heating and cooling systems
  • Cycle through Heating and cooling with a press of a button
  • Choose to turn air on and off too different rooms with zoning, reducing unused energy wastage
  • High class design, and implementation, ensuring the maximum output and efficiency for your home
  • Weekly programmable timer function
  • Clean, filtered and de-humidified air. Minimal aesthetic disruption (only vents in the ceiling)
  • Proven to deliver every time, even during the hottest days


Single head split systems
  • Refrigerated heating and cooling All-In-One
  • Designed for individual rooms, saving running cost
  • Remote controlled
  • 24hr programmable timer
  • Clean, filtered and de-humidified air


Multi-head split systems
  • Refrigerated heating and cooling split type
  • Wall mounted split in each individual room with only one outdoor unit, ensuring each room is set to their optimal individual temperature, whilst reducing energy wastage
  • 24hr programmable timer
  • One outdoor unit, saving space.
  • Clean, filtered and de-humidified air
  • Energy efficient running costs


Gas Ducted heating
  • Whole house comfort in just a click of a button
  • Highly efficient and cost effective, using natural gas instead of electricity.
  • Switch on and off rooms individually with the option of zoning, saving you even more money on running costs
  • More susceptible to the outdoor element even when it’s freezing, gas ducted heating will still keep your home warm
  • 24hr programmable timer (depending on controller)
  • Minimal aesthetic disruption


Add on cooling systems
  • Add on cooling is a refrigerated system that works in conjunction with your gas ducted heating
  • Enjoy the comfort and efficiency of gas-ducted heating, while also having the luxury of a refrigerated cooling system, which provides clean, filtered refrigerated air
  • Option of zoning off rooms that are not in use, saving energy
  • 24hr programmable timer
  • Minimal aesthetical disruption


Evaporative cooling
  • Up to 90% cheaper to run then other forms of cooling
  • Lower installation costs, then other forms of cooling


  • Humidity ensures you and your families wont get sore throats or dry skin
  • Because air is drawn form outside, the fresh cold air will replace stale warm air inside

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